Mrs. Pennsylvania International 2017

Amanda Leber

What makes you smile?
When I think about what makes me smile, I think about the miles I have under my belt. The places I’ve been, people I’ve met, and experiences I’ve had while traveling. I’m happy sitting on a beach, hiking the mountains, or driving the open road. Traveling the country on our honeymoon with my husband and dog, was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Wanderlust has always been something that makes me smile.

Describe a date night with your husband...
Many say it involves a romantic dinner with candlelight in an extravagant location, but for us the venue and situation does not matter. We go on all kinds of dates. It can be anything from being outdoors to getting all dressed up for special events. The most common date is laying on our couch in our pajamas binge watching Netflix and HBO. Anytime that we can spend together is the perfect date for us.

How do you relax?
My relaxation and happy place is probably very different from others. I’ve always had a love for dance and music. I search for music that has lyrics that are relatable to my life. I can escape and find myself all at the same time. This is why I chose dance as a vital part of my platform with the American Heart Association.

Describe your personal style...
My style is very eclectic. In one word I would describe my style as current. I like to relate what I’m wearing to the event or situation that I’m partaking in. Whether it’s a casual night by the fire, or attending a formal event, my style is ever changing. One of my favorite parts of my style is my accessories. You can change any look with the right accessory.

  • At "The Derby"

    Amanda was a special guest at the Beaver/Butler County Heart Ball on May 6th. It was a Kentucky Derby themed event that raised over $20,000 for the American Heart Association.

  • Dance Party!

    Amanda hosted a Dance party in honor of her platform "Dance For the Heart"-Dance your way to better cardiovascular health. 43 dancers were in attendance and participated in a 90 minute class led by local Zumba instructors and Zumba Jammers.

  • She's A Princess

    Amanda with her sponsors at Pretty Hair Salon in the North Hills. Together they hosted a Pretty Princess Party for local girls to get the royal treatment. Hair Makeup Nails and even met some Disney Princesses.

  • Go Red Fashion

    Amanda along with her sister queens modeled for Macy's and sponsor Celestial Bride at the Blair County Go Red for Women event.